What We Do

We at Cambridge Web Studios specialise in making websites using the Drupal Content Management system.
What is Drupal?
Drupal is an open source content management platform.
Drupal runs over a million sites on the internet, including WhiteHouse.gov, World Economic Forum, Stanford University, and The Economist.

Here is a list of just some of the things that we can do:

  • Content management:
    Website interface enabling a non-expert to update their own web content.
    Those staff involved in updating the website can have separate logins which can be individually configured, meaning that staff will have access to update only the parts of the site relevant to them.
  • Members Area
    A password protected area for site members.
  • Staff profile pages
    Each staff member can have a personal login so that they can update their own profile page online.
  • E-commerce:
    Make your site into a secure online shop. Sell anything from t-shirts to site memberships.
    Sales and accounting information will be automatically generated to make the experience of having an online store as easy as possible.
  • Donations
    Allow visitors of your site to make donations.
  • Rapid page loading
    Advanced caching and file aggregation ensures optimum speed.
  • Site search
    Allow visitors to search within your site.
  • Responsive design
    Optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (from desktop computers, to tablets to mobile phones).
  • RSS Feeds
    Allow people to keep up-to-date with your latest posts.
  • Slide-shows/photo-galleries
    A user-interface will allow you to add new photos and rearrange your slides with just a few easy clicks.
  • Organise your events:
    – Sell tickets and registration.
    – Post workshop timetables.
    – Post minutes for a meeting.
    – View events on a calendar.
  • Forums and Blogs and Comments
    Allow visitors to post comments and discuss.
  • Advanced spam protection
    ‘Intelligent’, configurable spam protection to protect your site.
  • Calendar views
    Calendar views to give a visual display of upcoming events
  • Appointment Booking
  • Multilingual sites
  • Contact form
    Allow users to contact you via an online form. This is useful if you prefer not to provide an e-mail to avoid spam.
  • Paper/Abstract Submission
    Useful for conferences, meetings.
  • Mailing lists.
  • File Uploads
    – Upload documents via a user interface.
    – Upload audio and video files.
    – File downloads and media streaming.
  • Google analytics
    Integrate you site with Google Analytics to get detailed graphical information on how people found your site and how they explored it.
  • Search engine optimisation
    Increase your site’s visibility on the internet.
  • Accessibility Testing
    Ensure that your site is as accessible as possible.