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Is Web Design Realistic for the Average Computer User?

A lot of small businesses are looking to make the move to online these days. With the pandemic still going strong many business owners have had to find creative ways to stay open and still offer their services to customers in a safe manner. If you are looking to make the move online, you may be considering building the website yourself to create extra savings on hosting costs. After all you manage all of your social media marketing and are pretty computer savvy. I understand, times have never been tougher for small business owners. But how realistic is building a website for the average computer user?

What is the scope of your project?

When I say ‘scope’, I mean what kind of a website are you looking for and what do you want it to be able to do? Are you looking for a basic informational website with some service listings and a contact form, or do you want a full functional online shop with integrated payments? Does your website need to be secured because you will be capturing payment information from customers? Does it need to manage inventory? Do you want a paywall so that only subscribers can visit …

Getting Your Real Estate Website Design Right

Real Estate is a Special Industry in and of itself:

Only rarely does the average individual need to trust a professional with half his life’s earnings. Anyone in real estate needs to work hard on winning the confidence of the average home buyer.

This is where web design can be so important in the real estate world. Effective website design can be very important to any possibility of success in the real estate business – more so than any other. The website happens to be the first point of contact that a potential client may have with such a business. The right kind of design is likely to inspire confidence in such a visitor and can persuade him to actually get in touch. What exactly is it that goes into quality real estate website design though?

Tip #1: Save Money with Coupons.

First off, you can look at the latest in web design trends and themes. Starting off with a quality hosting provider is very important. But that doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. Every hosting company has promotional offers for hosting as well as free domain name offers. Right now Hostgator is having a 60% off promotion, for …